First Full Length Album On It's Way!

Currently Black Stone Roses is working on their first full length official album. Everyone in the band is very excited about the end result. So far, it includes a lot of heavy rock & roll and a couple of ballads. 

Promotion Of EP2020 Shifted !!!

Since the situation with the Corona (Covid 19) crisis is not resolved, the promotion of the EP will shift for the fall of 2021! We hope everyone keeps healthy, stays safe and remains hopeful! When we have a clearer picture of future dates and promotions, we will keep you posted hier and on our official social media channels!

With Best Regards

Black Stone Roses!

New Keyboard player in the band !!!

Since couple of months a new enthusiast player is keeping up with the band. His name is Martijn Major and we are happy to announce you that he is officially in now! We are  all very happy with the outcome results that we are getting form his playing and we are looking forward for the amazing results which will be developed on the new album!